Tuscan cuisine courses

Our region is famous for art, history, good wine, and cuisine. Especially this latter is integral part of our culture and traditions. Participating in Tuscan cuisine courses means beginning a journey to discover the most famous Italian dishes in the world and giving you the possibility to bring some of our flavours home with you.

Cooking course

Italian cuisine is one of the richest and most famous in the world. Pasta and pizza are our symbols, but there are many that come from different Italian regions result of a diversified culinary tradition. We are talking about tasty starters, soups and minestrone soups, second courses with meat, fish, and eggs; and also cooking basics, how to prepare jams and marmalades up to creating spectacular deserts.

Sweet Occasions organises cooking lessons during which you can learn the secrets of Italian cuisine, from the traditional recipes to original and fun versions. An interesting experience for those who are just starting to cook, and for those who love cooking and want to learn new recipes and methods.

The Tuscan cuisine courses are a tempting occasion to approach culinary art and live an authentic experience in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

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Fresh Tuscan pasta course

Imagine an artisanal workshop, quality products, and skilful hands ready to reveal secrets handed down from generation to generation. These are the ingredients of the fresh Tuscan pasta courses that we propose.

Practical lessons during which you will learn how to prepare rolled pastry and the technique to “roll it out” by hand like our grandmothers did. You will discover how to transform your pastry into tagliatelle, spaghetti, pici, how to cook potato gnocchi, or other different types of filling for ravioli and cannelloni. Many types of fresh pasta, expression of the Tuscan and Chianti territory.

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Pizza course

Pizza is one of the Italian symbols in the world. An apparently simple dish that hides a century-old tradition. With the Tuscan cuisine courses, you will learn how to select the basic ingredients to be used and choose the most suitable flour, you will learn how to prepare state-of-the-art dough and discover the secrets of leavening for a perfectly cooked soft pizza.

You will also learn how to handle the disc of pizza like the great pizza makers do. Lastly, the recipes of the seasonings, from the typical ones of Neapolitan pizza to the most unusual and elaborate ones. When the pizza comes out of the oven you will enjoy its fragrance and taste.

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Ice cream course

Sergio, master ice cream maker of the “Gelateria Dondoli” in San Gimignano, tries to spread his precious know-how holding gelato making courses. All his ice creams are the result of highly selected, top quality ingredients, particularly typical regional products.

His great inventions include very innovative and successful combinations of flavours in the world of ice cream making, like the sorbets flavoured with aromatic herbs.

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