Cantina Antinori in Chianti Classico

Inaugurated in 2012, it is the first time in over 600 years of history that the Antinori family has opened its doors to wine lovers.

A unique occasion to come into contact with the history and production philosophy of one of the most important wine producers in Italy. A story of passion, quality research, and perfect balance between respect of nature, tradition, and innovation as the same winery evidences.


Antinori: a history of more than 600 years

The history of this family started in 1184 when Rinuccio di Antinoro produced wine at the Castel of Combiate, in the Florentine countryside on the road to the Mugello valley. In 1385 Giovanni Piero Antinori became member of the “Arte Fiorentina dei Vinattieri”, the Winemakers’ Guild of Florence, starting in parallel with bank, political, silk production and export and wine production activities. The period of maximum development dates back to the XVIII century when wine exporting started and the Accademia dei Georgofili, the oldest wine academy in the world, was founded. Over the centuries twenty-six generations have broadened the production areas up to the current diffusion of the vines present in various areas of Tuscany and Umbria.

The new Antinori winery

The winery represents an innovative architectural construction. All the rooms were designed to have a low environmental impact and enable high energy saving. Exclusively local natural materials such as terracotta, wood, and glass were used for its construction.

The principle is based on a deep connection with the land and beauty of these places that have been hosting the vineyards of the Antinori Family for centuries.


The winery is practically invisible from the external; only two horizontal crevices that cross the hill can be distinguished. Actually, in its internal there are the administration headquarters, production areas, cellars, and areas open to the public like the museum, degustation areas, the shop, and the restaurant.

Around the winery there is only a vineyard cultivated with Sangiovese grapes, the typical variety of Chianti.

If this is not enough to make Cantina Antinori an unmissable attraction, inside the structure there are many other secrets. In fact, it was designed to naturally ensure the maintenance of the ideal temperature for wine production and allow “gravity-flow” wine-making.

Visit Cantina Antinori

barginoFor those that want to visit the winery, there are many different itineraries: Barricaia, Bottai and Bottaia Cru. You can choose between the viewing of a film dedicated to the family, the tour of the cellars and winemaking and refining itinerary, and a visit to the museum that hosts ancient and modern artworks belonging to the family collection. However, the tasting of Antinori brand white and red wines is a must. Lastly, for those that do not want to miss and unforgettable food and wine experience, a meal at the “Rinuccio 1180” restaurant, which overlooks the Chianti hills, where Cont’Ugo and Guado al Tasso wines, and the Muffato della Sala dessert wine accompany the traditional Tuscan dishes revisited in a modern twist.

The time of the itineraries varies from one and half hours to two and a half hours and costs from € 25 to € 150.

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Distance from Park Hotel Chianti 3 Km
Travelling time 6 minutes